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Advise for Financing a Car

Buying a car for oneself can become an overwhelming task, especially if it is your first one. Buying the right car can drive anybody crazy. The thought of going through so much paperwork can be sweat-wreaking.

More anxiety pops up when you have a desire for a car which is currently out of budget for you. Car financing has been helping people get their dream cars for a really long time now. However, the terms of car financing can be tedious.

A lot of effort and planning are required while buying a car. A car loan has proven to be the best financial apparatus in funding the purchase of a car. However, in the process, many people tend to opt for a much higher range than what was originally planned for and what they can pay for easily.

Managing your car loan is as vital as managing your car. We are providing you with a few tricks and tips which will come out handy when you go for a car loan.

Set a Budget

Anytime we go out to buy something, we set a budget in our mind. Then why should it be any different when it comes to getting a car financed? Carve out a list of your daily expenses, keep aside money for unforeseen circumstances and then see how much can you spare from your monthly salary.

Make sure you add future expenses such as car insurance, fuel, and regular maintenance. This will give a you a rough idea as to how much can you spare. Make sure the amount you decide is not more than 20% of your monthly income.

Make a Sizeable Down Payment

Instead of planning to pay EMI over a longer period of time, it is more apt to give a considerable amount of money as a down payment. This will lower your payment burden in the coming years of EMIs. This will also help when you apply for a car loan.

Opt a Shorter Tenure

Though the bank offers an option of stretching your car loan up to 7 years, you should never fall for it. Make sure your car loan is summarized in the coming four years. Higher EMI amount would mean a lesser amount of money that you will be paying as interest. Hence, it is profitable in the longer run.

If you keep in mind just the above few points while getting your car financed, it will turn out to be very beneficial for you in the longer run.

Financing Used Car Service

Himanshu Car World has been helping people realize their dream of owning a car since 1995. All these years, Himanshu Car World has kept up with its carefully made name.

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We follow a well figured pattern and go into a depth study to know about the car’s history and physical specifications. All these steps are taken just to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and become a part of our ‘Himanshu car World’ family.

Our services have increased over the years. Gradually as the business went on, we realised that more and more people wanted to buy cars but most of them could not afford it.

Therefore, after great deliberation, we came to the conclusion of ‘Financing.’

Now you won’t be stopped by the size of your dreams. And like we always say, dreams are never second hand or expensive.

We, at Himanshu Car World strive to be the best used cars company in Jaipur and financing service has been a stepping stone towards the direction. You don’t have to shy away anymore to buy your favourite car. We are here to provide you with hassle free finance services.

Why it is better to buy a Used Car?

There are hundreds of car models of hundreds of brands to choose from. There are so many questions to ask before buying a car. So many things to consider before taking this step.

The reason why this question of buying a used car has arisen is because of the increasing awareness amongst people. Buyers are becoming aware about the need for financial consideration before buying any car.

Here, we will not be assuming car as an investment. The sole purpose is to evaluate why buying a used car is a better idea than buying a new one.

Though there is a different essence to a new car, like feeling of newness and the new car’s smell, but are these things really worth the extra money that we spend.

The biggest disadvantage of spending your money on a brand new car is that you lose so much of it as soon as your drive off that showroom. Similarly, the initial two or three years see the biggest depreciation for the car. So basically, a lot of money is practically thrown away in the initial years of a new car.

So if you have recently set yourself up financially, then a new car is not the most suggested buy.

Also, newer models tend to see more drastic alternation in designs and engine change. This can further up the cost in case some damages occur after such alterations are induced.

The biggest advantages associated with buying a used car is that someone else takes up the hit of the early years’ depreciation.

You can also find better financing options when buying a used car because of the depreciated cost. Local banks and credit union gives amazing offers to used car buyers.

If you are somebody who loves to move in luxury, but still are not as financially secure so as to put in so much on a new car, buying a used car is the best option available. You get as good a car for lesser price. Good agencies provide you with the entire history of the car. If you are young and till in between student loan, this is a feasible option.

But irrespective of whether you are buying a new or a used car, it is very important to know which car you want to buy and what is the purpose of it. Such questions will lead to the right option on its own.