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Datsun GO+: Reasons making it A Perfect Family Car

The new Datsun GO+ is loaded with features and specifications that make it a perfect family car. Comfort, safety, and design are the building stones of Datsun GO+ popularity.

Datsun GO+ has very fast become India’s favourite 7-seater MPV. It has everything a family would want in their family car. The space, comfort, and safety are the USBs.

Here are the features possessed by Datsun GO+ that will swipe you off your feet.

Design –

The design of the car is appealing to look at. Stylish LED DRLs, 14-inch alloy wheels (machine cut), rear wash wipers, and dynamic chrome grille – all add to its sleek and impressive design.

The colour range given by Nissan to this car is drool-worthy. Sunstone Brown, Opal White, Ruby Red, Bronze Grey, and Crystal Silver are the colours that make our eyes shine brighter.

Interiors –

The interiors of any car are significant should be considered while purchasing a vehicle. Datsun GO+ will leave any given car behind with its spacious interiors and brilliant yet straightforward features.

There is enough leg space for each person who sits in the car, making it a perfect family car. The vehicle is equipped with anti-fatigue seats to make you feel fresh even after that long journey.

347 litre boot space emerges when the third row is folded. All these features make it a perfect fit for family outings.

What is more, is that the cockpit is embedded with some of the best features one could think of.

  • A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment unit with voice recognition and GPS navigation
  • USB and AUX-in connectivity
  • Gear shift indicator
  • Intuitive Whatsapp, email, and SMS read and reply feature – are the company’s latest additions.

The second row will no longer have to live with the wrath of summers as Datsun GO+ comes with AC vents for the second row.

Dimensions –

The car is amazingly designed to feel spacious on the inside while being comfortably compact on the outside.

  • Ground clearance: 180 mm
  • Engine: 1.2 litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine
  • Power: 68PS@5,000rpm
  • Torque: 104Nm@4,000rpm

If all of these features haven’t convinced you enough to buy this car then we have one more little thing for you. The vehicle is equipped with rear parking sensors, follow-me-home headlamps, and dual front airbags. And just like everybody who cares, Datsun GO+ will also remind you to wear your seatbelt, in case you ever forget.

Primary Questions before Buying a Car

There are a lot of questions that should be asked before buying a car. But more questions are to be asked when the car that you are buying is a used one.

There is no problem with buying a used car. On the contrary, it is an efficient way of owning a vehicle at a low cost. But just because we are getting something for a lesser price, does not mean we should jump at the offer without any thoughts.

Most of the times, if the person you’re buying it from is your known, then he might handle you the details, or in some cases, if an agency is good, they will give you details of it’s past.

However, it is not the best idea to wait for them to tell you about it. If you are unsure as to what you should ask, here is a list of questions that are must.

Some of these questions are also introspectional, which means you should ask them to yourself.

  1. Does the Car Fits your Needs?

Now this first question is to be asked to yourself.

What is the reason for buying this car?

Is this your primary or secondary car?

Who are you buying it for?

Will you be using it daily?

Will you need to use the trunk regularly?

Once you’ve interrogated yourself with these questions, you will know which car is the most suitable for you.

  • Has it been Re-painted or Repaired?

It is very important to know whether the car has had any repairs or not. Getting a car re-painted points towards a major incident. You should have full and clear knowledge of when and how much part of the car has been repaired or repainted.

  • Do all the Doors and Windows Work?

A well-functioning car is a must. Just to save a few bucks, you can’t buy a car whose locks and windows do not work properly.

In case they don’t, make sure you ask the seller to repair them for you.

Imagine how unsafe it would be for your family, especially kids, if you notice this detail later.

  • How Many Keys does the Car have?

You wouldn’t want to buy a car and have it stolen the next day. We are not saying that the seller is a thief, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • What is its Mileage? How Many Kilometres has it already Run?

As the price of fuel is increasing every day, it would make a good and valid question. Similarly, knowing its completed kilometres would also be beneficial in predicting its future with you.