Primary Questions before Buying a Car

There are a lot of questions that should be asked before buying a car. But more questions are to be asked when the car that you are buying is a used one.

There is no problem with buying a used car. On the contrary, it is an efficient way of owning a vehicle at a low cost. But just because we are getting something for a lesser price, does not mean we should jump at the offer without any thoughts.

Most of the times, if the person you’re buying it from is your known, then he might handle you the details, or in some cases, if an agency is good, they will give you details of it’s past.

However, it is not the best idea to wait for them to tell you about it. If you are unsure as to what you should ask, here is a list of questions that are must.

Some of these questions are also introspectional, which means you should ask them to yourself.

  1. Does the Car Fits your Needs?

Now this first question is to be asked to yourself.

What is the reason for buying this car?

Is this your primary or secondary car?

Who are you buying it for?

Will you be using it daily?

Will you need to use the trunk regularly?

Once you’ve interrogated yourself with these questions, you will know which car is the most suitable for you.

  • Has it been Re-painted or Repaired?

It is very important to know whether the car has had any repairs or not. Getting a car re-painted points towards a major incident. You should have full and clear knowledge of when and how much part of the car has been repaired or repainted.

  • Do all the Doors and Windows Work?

A well-functioning car is a must. Just to save a few bucks, you can’t buy a car whose locks and windows do not work properly.

In case they don’t, make sure you ask the seller to repair them for you.

Imagine how unsafe it would be for your family, especially kids, if you notice this detail later.

  • How Many Keys does the Car have?

You wouldn’t want to buy a car and have it stolen the next day. We are not saying that the seller is a thief, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • What is its Mileage? How Many Kilometres has it already Run?

As the price of fuel is increasing every day, it would make a good and valid question. Similarly, knowing its completed kilometres would also be beneficial in predicting its future with you.

Find the Best Used Car Dealer in Jaipur

Himanshu car world

As easy as it sounds, finding the perfect used car is a complex task. Finding the perfect used car is more art than science. There will be a hundred cars to choose from, and not even one might fit your needs and expectations. However, another place can have just a dozen and you might find your perfect fit.

It is all about the quality a place has to offer. But finding the right place to purchase your dream car is a mountain breaking task in itself.

To ease your used car hunt, we have dug out the most trusted and dependable used car dealers in Jaipur, which have been tirelessly giving Jaipurites the pleasure of owning a car since years.

  1. Himanshu Car World – Established in 1995, Himanshu Car World has been the reason why many people today have the opportunity of owning a car. Hundreds of used cars but not a single one which can be called old. Each car they sell goes through an exaggerated process to determine whether the product fits client’s expectations or not.

What is better is that they also give car finance service to make the car owning process easier.

2.Vinayak Cars – Since 1996, Vinayak Cars has been giving people the opportunity to own new and pre-owned vehicles. Their policy simplifies the process by only dealing in non-accidental vehicles. They also provide car insurance and finance services to make the car buying process easier.

3.Linkway Car – Ever since their establishment in 2010, they have worked diligently in making people’s lives easier by carefully scrutinizing each and every aspect of a car that comes to them for re-sale. Having sold hundreds of cars, they are a reliable source of used cars in Jaipur.

4.K.G.N. Car World – one of the top used car dealers in Jaipur, K.G.N. Car World was started in 2011 and has never looked back since. They have provided people with unstoppable service since their day of dawn.

This list of best used car dealers in Jaipur is to help each person realize their dream of owning a car because dreams are never second hand.

Used car dealer in Jaipur

How to Finance a Used Car – Getting it Right

Used or second-hand car finance

We tend to put in a lot of thought when buying something which involves a large sum of money. Be it a property – residential or commercial or a vehicle – car or bike. None of the above mentioned things are cheap or bought with the purpose to be kept for shorter duration.

The concept of buying house from other people has been prevalent for years and the concept of buying used cars also landed in the market some years ago.

People know that the depreciation cost of vehicles is humungous and prefer to buy used cars to dodge the same. Owning a car has been made easier with aids such as financing. This eases a person in buying the car of their dream without having to adhere to the cash available with them currently.

Financing is a simple procedure and here is what you have to do to get your used car financed:

  1. Choose a Car – The primary step is to choose the car you want. There are a hundred things to be considered while before finalising the right car and even more when considering the used car dealer.

After you have thoroughly gone through the best used car dealers in your area and have decided upon a car that you want to call yours, the procedure to getting a finance has commenced.

  • Apply for Loan – This is not as easy as it sounds. The options here are just as many as there were in the first step.

You can either choose from get a finance from a bank or from the dealer itself. Almost all good dealers have the facility of financing to ease down your car buying process. There are a number of loans you can choose from. Careful evaluation of pros and cons of each is imperative. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Finalise the Loan – Once you have zeroed down to the loan you want to take, considering the time duration, the EMI, the interest rate and all other pros and cons, it is time to give in your loan application to the other party.
  • Submit the Documents – The list of the documents to be attached will be given. All you have to do is attack them along with the loan papers and you are all set to go.

If all your paperwork is complete, you will get your loan sanctioned in no time.

  • Celebrate – It’s time to celebrate with your own car. Take your loved ones for a ride in a car that has your name on it.

Second hand car finance