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Find the Best Used Car Dealer in Jaipur

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As easy as it sounds, finding the perfect used car is a complex task. Finding the perfect used car is more art than science. There will be a hundred cars to choose from, and not even one might fit your needs and expectations. However, another place can have just a dozen and you might find your perfect fit.

It is all about the quality a place has to offer. But finding the right place to purchase your dream car is a mountain breaking task in itself.

To ease your used car hunt, we have dug out the most trusted and dependable used car dealers in Jaipur, which have been tirelessly giving Jaipurites the pleasure of owning a car since years.

  1. Himanshu Car World – Established in 1995, Himanshu Car World has been the reason why many people today have the opportunity of owning a car. Hundreds of used cars but not a single one which can be called old. Each car they sell goes through an exaggerated process to determine whether the product fits client’s expectations or not.

What is better is that they also give car finance service to make the car owning process easier.

2.Vinayak Cars – Since 1996, Vinayak Cars has been giving people the opportunity to own new and pre-owned vehicles. Their policy simplifies the process by only dealing in non-accidental vehicles. They also provide car insurance and finance services to make the car buying process easier.

3.Linkway Car – Ever since their establishment in 2010, they have worked diligently in making people’s lives easier by carefully scrutinizing each and every aspect of a car that comes to them for re-sale. Having sold hundreds of cars, they are a reliable source of used cars in Jaipur.

4.K.G.N. Car World – one of the top used car dealers in Jaipur, K.G.N. Car World was started in 2011 and has never looked back since. They have provided people with unstoppable service since their day of dawn.

This list of best used car dealers in Jaipur is to help each person realize their dream of owning a car because dreams are never second hand.

Used car dealer in Jaipur

How to Care for your Car

The world is almost distinct into two categories – those who talk to their cars and treat them like their baby and others, who keep it as a machine that moves them to places.

This post is for both of these categories because no matter whether you think of your car as a living entity or not, you ought to take care of it.

Car care is not very difficult, especially if you do it on a regular basis. More importantly, it is good to sometimes indulge in the action yourself to see what the car actually is going through.

Here are a few ways how you can help keep your car in a top-notch condition:

  1. Check you Tyre Pressure and Keep Rotating them:

Tyre pressure has a vital role in the functioning of your car and if kept appropriate, can yield beneficial results for your car in a longer run.

Here are the problems that incorrect tire pressure will create – instability, poor braking, and less mileage.

Also, keep rotating your front and rear tires every 7,500 miles or so. This is because the wearing off of tires is not the same. Rotating them will keep them balanced.

  • Clean your Car – Outside and Inside:

What is the point of having a car if it smells and feels like a garbage truck? Having your car shine from outside and stinking from inside will do no good.

It is better to clean from inside at least once every month and regularly from outside.

  • Replace your Brake Pads every 40k km:

Our country is full of potholes, irregular speed breakers, and not-so-good drivers. All these added ‘features’ make it difficult for our car brake pads to run for more than 40,000 km.

To avoid any incidents, it is better to be safe and replace them after each such completion.

  • Change your Oil:

No, we don’t mean change your oil, but your car’s, and that too every 8,000kms – 10,000kms. This is important to keep the car’s engine lubricated, or else it can do further damage to it.

Always choose the best oil for your car, and when in doubt, ask the expert.

  • Keep the Mirrors good to go:

Always make sure that all the mirrors of the car are in good condition. Be it the windshield, back mirror, side mirrors, windows or the rearview mirror. They are there for a purpose and that is to help you see clearly and drive better.

Do these things for your car regularly and we guarantee you that your car will give you much more than what you had expected it to give.

The Best Ways to Sell Your Car

Selling a car can be as tedious as buying a car. Both these procedures take a really long time, lots of research, efforts and patience. There are hundreds of things which should be kept in mind before buying a car, and there are similar number of things which are to be considered while selling your car.

Cars hold a very special place in our heart. Be it a car our parents gifted us, a car we bought with our salary, our first car, and our most awaited and desired car or an antique car which has been in the family for years. Whichever it is, each holds a special place in our heart.

However, we are also practical beings and understand the need for change and moving on to things which will yield better returns. For some of us, a car lasts for only about a couple of years and they prefer to change it.

At such times, we are faced with multiple options that can be taken to sell our car. Here are the most feasible ones:

  • Exchange it for a New One – A valid option is to trade your current car for a new one with a registered brand dealer. This way, your old car’s price can be used as a down payment for the new one. Many car showrooms do it. You can exchange your existing car for a new car of the same brand. This is a feasible option as it saves you from the hassles of looking for any other sources to sell your car to.
  • Sell it to a Private Party – A friend, a neighbour or a relative might be interested in buying your current car. However, since the involvement is personal, make sure the condition of the car is give-able. If not, you might face issues in your relationship in the future. After all, a car is not a cheap deal.
  • Try Selling it Online – If you are in no hurry to give off the car, then you can try selling it online. This might take some time but it can be useful. Make sure you clean it inside out thoroughly before a potential client is coming to see it. Nobody would buy a car which is dirty or smells bad.
  • Sell it to an Outside Dealer – Another potential option is to sell it to an outside dealer who engages in the business of buying and selling used cars. This way, you will also get an idea about the price. Another benefit of selling it to a used car dealer is that you can buy another used car in exchange for yours if you like any.
  • Give it off for Cash – If the condition of your car is non-workable, then it is better to give off your car to a dumpster for its parts rather than wasting your time in pitching for it.

Make sure you are entirely true about the condition of your car and are not expecting more than the condition allows for. The longevity of the car depends on how well you care for it.

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Best Used Car Buying Tips

Once buying a car seemed like a distant dream to people, but with the change in times, the lifestyle has uplifted to new heights. Everybody desires a car these days irrespective of their income. One doesn’t feel the need to be earning a lot in order to buy a car.

This change in thought process has come about due to the increase in number of used car retailers and accessibility to super easy EMIs and loans.

But in the myriad of all these companies claiming to be genuine car dealers, it is important to have a hawk-eye and search for the one which is actually true.

‘Himanshu Car World’ is a 24 year old firm which has been proving itself as the best out there since 1995 in the field of used cars in Jaipur.

We deal in providing used cars to those whose dreams are endless. We also provide the service of financing and insuring.

Since we deal in used cars, we would like to make people aware about how to choose the best used cars in Jaipur.

There are a lot of tips to be kept in mind while buying a used car. Here are the most essential:

  1. Focus on the Budget

It is very important to decide and come to a conclusion as to what your budget it. This decision will be very fruitful when it comes to buying a car.

After zeroing on your budget, it would be easier for you as well as the dealer to show you the cars falling into the range.

We at Himanshu Car World, provide you with finance option. This helps you take your dream car and pay at ease.

  • Have a Goal

If you are one of those who are focused on a particular car, then congratulations, you have already taken a step towards your dream car as we have all that is the best in the market.

However, if you are still wondering which you want, we can help you zero on to it by discussing about your daily commute needs, budget, hatchback or sedan preference and much more such questions.

  • Inspect the Car

Buying a car is a big investment and should be done after thorough check, more especially in case of used cars. Always look for damage, dents, rusting and the condition of the tyres.

You wonder what happens if you miss it? No worries because car experts at Himanshu Car World never seem to miss any details.

  • Dive into the History of the Used car

Always ask for how old is actually old and how used is actually used.

Though you won’t have to take the trouble of going through it yourself, we already take into consideration the history of the used cars.

We provide with complete and honest history of each used car that is with us.

  • Check the Papers Thoroughly

All the documents of the car should be intact and legal. But this is not the responsibility of our customers.

We strive to unburden our clients as much as possible and hence, we keep all the documents pre-checked and ready for fast transfers and buying.

A hundred things are recommended by a hundred different people on what should be done before buying used cars in Jaipur, but Himanshu Car World clients are stress free because of the unmatchable services we provide.

Why it is better to buy a Used Car?

There are hundreds of car models of hundreds of brands to choose from. There are so many questions to ask before buying a car. So many things to consider before taking this step.

The reason why this question of buying a used car has arisen is because of the increasing awareness amongst people. Buyers are becoming aware about the need for financial consideration before buying any car.

Here, we will not be assuming car as an investment. The sole purpose is to evaluate why buying a used car is a better idea than buying a new one.

Though there is a different essence to a new car, like feeling of newness and the new car’s smell, but are these things really worth the extra money that we spend.

The biggest disadvantage of spending your money on a brand new car is that you lose so much of it as soon as your drive off that showroom. Similarly, the initial two or three years see the biggest depreciation for the car. So basically, a lot of money is practically thrown away in the initial years of a new car.

So if you have recently set yourself up financially, then a new car is not the most suggested buy.

Also, newer models tend to see more drastic alternation in designs and engine change. This can further up the cost in case some damages occur after such alterations are induced.

The biggest advantages associated with buying a used car is that someone else takes up the hit of the early years’ depreciation.

You can also find better financing options when buying a used car because of the depreciated cost. Local banks and credit union gives amazing offers to used car buyers.

If you are somebody who loves to move in luxury, but still are not as financially secure so as to put in so much on a new car, buying a used car is the best option available. You get as good a car for lesser price. Good agencies provide you with the entire history of the car. If you are young and till in between student loan, this is a feasible option.

But irrespective of whether you are buying a new or a used car, it is very important to know which car you want to buy and what is the purpose of it. Such questions will lead to the right option on its own.