How to Care for your Car

How to Care for your Car

The world is almost distinct into two categories – those who talk to their cars and treat them like their baby and others, who keep it as a machine that moves them to places.

This post is for both of these categories because no matter whether you think of your car as a living entity or not, you ought to take care of it.

Car care is not very difficult, especially if you do it on a regular basis. More importantly, it is good to sometimes indulge in the action yourself to see what the car actually is going through.

Here are a few ways how you can help keep your car in a top-notch condition:

  1. Check you Tyre Pressure and Keep Rotating them:

Tyre pressure has a vital role in the functioning of your car and if kept appropriate, can yield beneficial results for your car in a longer run.

Here are the problems that incorrect tire pressure will create – instability, poor braking, and less mileage.

Also, keep rotating your front and rear tires every 7,500 miles or so. This is because the wearing off of tires is not the same. Rotating them will keep them balanced.

  • Clean your Car – Outside and Inside:

What is the point of having a car if it smells and feels like a garbage truck? Having your car shine from outside and stinking from inside will do no good.

It is better to clean from inside at least once every month and regularly from outside.

  • Replace your Brake Pads every 40k km:

Our country is full of potholes, irregular speed breakers, and not-so-good drivers. All these added ‘features’ make it difficult for our car brake pads to run for more than 40,000 km.

To avoid any incidents, it is better to be safe and replace them after each such completion.

  • Change your Oil:

No, we don’t mean change your oil, but your car’s, and that too every 8,000kms – 10,000kms. This is important to keep the car’s engine lubricated, or else it can do further damage to it.

Always choose the best oil for your car, and when in doubt, ask the expert.

  • Keep the Mirrors good to go:

Always make sure that all the mirrors of the car are in good condition. Be it the windshield, back mirror, side mirrors, windows or the rearview mirror. They are there for a purpose and that is to help you see clearly and drive better.

Do these things for your car regularly and we guarantee you that your car will give you much more than what you had expected it to give.

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